Monday, July 13, 2009

the immediate neighbourhood

Some mornings, Kaeden and I will go for a short walk after breakfast. Before stepping out of the house, he'll be fully covered in clothing and his legs and hands smeared with cream to ward off mosquitoes. It's a tiresome ritual.

To the left of the street where our place is, we see Brian off to work. On the left of our house, lives an elderly Chinese lady and some of her children. Not quite sure how many children she has. I'm always pleased to see her in the rare occasions when I'll catch her in the garden, tending to her plants and picking out vegetables. She's not well and when I do see her, I feel happy and I'll greet her. On our right, it's a Muslim family with two boys and a newborn boy. The lady of the house is pretty and mighty strong in my opinion. She could ride a motorbike to fetch her young son from school, in a little more than a month after giving birth.

Mambo rules the front garden of our home and he'll be barking at his nemesis=cats, stray dogs, taunting kids who walk pass and at us because he wasn't allowed to join us for the walks. When he barks on unearthly hours, I always worry about him disturbing the neighbours. On other times, Mambo lazes around as much as any of his nemesis along the street.

Our walk will start and/or end with a visit to our dog friends which live two houses down the road. Minnie and Molly the puppy hang out in the cage until sunsets. They look forward to run in the backyard when comes nightfall, from what I hear.

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  1. wow what a different place. I have a strong urge to let minni and molly out of their cange...its so so sad!


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