Thursday, July 30, 2009

Grace's runaway puppy

On a few occasions before this morning, a puppy would come to the front of our house and Mambo would carry out a silent conversation with her through the gate. We met the little puppy again earlier. It's Grace's puppy. Grace, a young girl who lives in a house diagonally across the road.

When I first noticed the puppy visit, I thought the little four legged with cute permanent frown lines on the forehead was being ditched. We had Grace's house maid retrieve her back home. Later on, I realized there was a gap at the front gate of Grace's house. So the little one has an open "door" to the outside world.

In my ideal world, dogs have pockets of free-to-roam-anywhere time and go to their masters when called. However in the estate where I live, there are a handful of diseased dogs roaming around and our houses are separated by one of the estate's few main roads. So I could only show my affection by rubbing the frown lines and had to fight the urge to feed her biscuits from our dogs' jar. Wouldn't want to encourage puppy's runaway behaviour.

Mambo is fond of her but isn't too welcoming. Puppy was trying to get into our compound by crawling under the gate.


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