Friday, June 19, 2009

reading and walking

I can proudly declare that we have not watched a single tv program in the daytime=daddy leaving for work to daddy reaching home from work time period. The only time I use the tv is when Kaeden mostly wants his fix of the first 3 to 4 songs of the sing-along Thomas and friends dvd. Other than that, tv is on in the evening when the daddy wants to check for his 'Top Gear' program or me, the news or any sobby or mushy or hilarious movie.

I hope to be this disciplined throughout!

The reason why I've been this good is probably I've a good book to read. Borrowed from Amanda, the book, Shantaram helps to fill up the restless time whenever I've to be by Kaeden's side when he dozes off to sleep. I'm nearly coming to the end of the book and I'm having separation anxiety. I'm captivated by the story.

The other book which Kaeden and I are sharing, is a hand-me-down titled, 'Poems to read to the very young' by Josette Frank. He has been extremely gentle to the book. This is especially strange. We both love the illustrations. I can't say which poem is my favourite for now but I found the following to be apt for the moment.

Kaeden is finding his balance and walking better and longer each day.


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