Wednesday, June 17, 2009

one good thing

I've been in Palembang for a little more than a week. There wasn't any internet access at home during that period until yesterday, when we employed a new service provider, I'm able to go online now.

Here's my thoughts which I kept written on Word document, 13 June 09.

We’d been in Singapore for 3 weeks. After going through the funeral rites for Ah Po, we emptied the belongings in our house for its rental. It was tedious, physically for my guy and brother and hard-heartedly, getting rid, giving away and selling at cheap prices of most of our still usable and some new stuff. We’d decided to rent our place of coming to seven years for the first time since it will not be in our immediate plans to live in Singapore.

The day before the air ride back to Palembang, my mood was exceptionally heavy. Maybe because we were putting up at my parents’ then and I knew I won’t be seeing them. I thought it was more so the reason I won’t be coming back to my familiar ground, meeting my favourite friends and getting with family in a year’s time. Why a year? For the savings we could get from not travelling? I just couldn’t find more tangible reasons to be back. Not even for the celebration of the Lunar New Year. It will be a different one, I know. So my 30th birthday next June will simply be the reason for me to make the trip home. It’ll be a happy reason, at least.

It’s been a week now that we’re in Palembang. I resolved to make my time with Kaeden a quality one, in my best efforts. My moods have been sombre but I think I’ve put up my best fronts so far. I thought of entering my blog some parts of the days but we haven’t had internet at home.

On the first day home, I looked out from our bedroom window and I was pleasantly surprised to see my small plot of okra plants thriving. I literally took a step back and said, “whoa!”. A few months ago, Amanda had given me the seedlings and I’d checked on their progress almost daily. I didn’t expect them to double their heights and bear fruits by the 3 weeks we were away. Well, that is one good thing.


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