Saturday, June 20, 2009

an evening of baking

With that title, can you tell what I got for my birthday?

Today wasn't my first attempt at using my brand new oven. I'd prefer not to dwell into my failed first baking case. However, I think I'd master the lighting up of my gas oven and gotten the hang of the intensity of its temperature. Because I'd baked 3 times in a row this evening.

Crumbly apple pies

and 2 batches of thin crust pizzas.

I definitely need to refine the amount of ingredients as I'm not too happy with the tastes of both. It's a fulfilling evening though albeit tiring after the washing and cleaning up!

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  1. dear fiona, belated birthday greetings :) i'm sure you can whip up many things with that oven *_*


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