Thursday, May 07, 2009

warm the new house :: Sarah's apron set

Another gift for a new home. Sarah and Desmond, my friends have moved into their new place, I heard. The couple, especially Desmond loves to cook. They had cooked for me once. So I ordered 2 vintage apron panels off an etsy seller (one I intended to keep for myself) and made an apron set from it for my dear girlfriend.

When I was sewing the apron, I thought of Sarah at the same time. I miss her. I miss my friends. Sometimes I wonder if I'm making a mistake by coming over to Palembang. Often a times, I feel like I'm losing my friends. It's a rare luxury to keep in touch with friends and share the minute details of our lives. Despite our distance, Sarah is one friend I'm always sure I can easily connect with again whenever we meet. She's a treasure.

Unlike my other craftwork, I took my time with the apron. Because the fabric is rather thin, I didn't follow the directions accordingly. I added pink cotton for the body and omitted the flounce part. Using the printed lady modelling the apron part from the cloth panel, it became a pot holder above by me sewing polyester batting and denim to it.


  1. Hey...glad to see that Kaeden allowed you some time to do more of your wonderful sewing. I know exactly how you feel about being so out of touch with friends sometimes. Thats why meeting the both of you has been the best part of 2009!

  2. hey dearest! am always here for you too. this apron is so lovely i'm sure dajie will love it to bits! she's having her honeymoon now with Des in Europe!!! =DDD Miss you too...


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