Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sayang sayang

My paternal grandma, 82, passed away on the 14th this month. My mum called me and I managed to talk to Ah Po, telling her I miss her and I heard from mum, after that my cousin, her favourite grandchild arrived to see her and only then she left.

I dreamt of Ah Po that night. I knew then I had to return to Singapore to send her off. So Brian, Kaeden and myself took the next available flight on Sunday back. When the cortege was scheduled on Monday, it was raining. Was that a sign that Ah Po didn't bear to leave?

This trip whenever I meet my parents, I took a mental note to be gentler to them. After all, both lost their mothers in just a few months apart. It was from a TV advertisement of a seafood restaurant promoting a Parents' Day special deal, did I learn that there's such a thing as Parents' Day. This year, on the 30th May. Why do I take notice of such a thing only when I become a parent?

From the newspaper a few days ago, I read of someone leaving his job in order to focus fully on a campaign, Holding Hands, for loving and paying attention to one's parents.


  1. I know what you mean about paying more attention and being gentler with one's parents....and in my case, grandparents.

    Y'know, I also only noticed parent's day this year. Maybe its new? But really, we don't need a special day to honour our parents.

    Hope the three of you are enjoying the time away from Palembang. Say 'Hi' to Brian and Kaeden for me.

  2. oh that is so sad. I am sorry, and its even worse when they are far away, and the stress of trying to travel to get there in time... in time for last moments, in time for the funeral. sigh.

    I need to remember to be gentler and kinder to my parents as well.


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