Friday, May 01, 2009

photo collage :: the 1st year

I remember when Kaeden was in his middle of his first year and I was looking through the photos we had taken of him earlier, I was amazed at how much physical changes he had made. I also felt a deep sense of pride and joy.

After his first birthday, I selected some photos which we had taken through the year and which I love and got them developed. Now they're in a frame. I plan to have one frame made like this for Kaeden every year.


  1. I have also made a sort of collage for Hanhan for the 1st 6 months. You can see a great deal of differences in them, it is really interesting and funny(for mine, from the a bit puffy face to a blow up balloon and then it slim down slightly again.)

  2. Hey! That looks really cool. Its truly amazing to watch a baby grow. Kaeden's 2nd year will bring even more changes with walking and talking!


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