Saturday, April 18, 2009

warm the new house :: Christie & Andre

This week's an eventful one. Starting on Sunday night when a fire broke out at Brian's workplace = father-in-law's office, anniversaries to mark, Gioia's birthday on the 13th and also on that day when Kaeden turned 13 months old, he decided to wean himself from breastmilk (I'll write further on that later.).

I tried to stay sane by doing shopping for myself. Hello new batik hippie tie-dyed home clothes and wallet.

and by doing some sewing.

A cushion, a BIG one for my longest known friend. Christie will be tying the knot in August and she'll be moving into her new place with husband, Andre after the wedding.

Whenever Christie looked at what I'd sewn, she'd always say they're a little too small for her. She likes big bags and cushions. k. got the hint. So I bought a new body pillow and sew a beepbot cover for it. A pillow for the newlyweds to snuggle comfortably on.


  1. Kaeden weaned??? WOW! Congratulations. Its a milestone for the both of you.

    The pillow case is too cute! What a thoughtful gift idea.

  2. This is such a nice gift for a couple. You seems to be into robots lately. :)

  3. O M G !!!! It's for me and Andrei!!! thanks my love!!! Muacks you... from your longest friend ever...


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