Tuesday, April 21, 2009

moving on

It's been a week that Kaeden is off breastmilk. He simply took a few sips, looked at the source, smiled and moved away on that fateful day. That was how it ended. my nursing journey.

I must say I feel a deep sense of satisfaction for being the source of my child's nutrition in his first year. It certainly is a memorable one. One I can reflect privately with happiness anytime of the day in the future.

Besides reading up before the childbirth, having the lactation consultant coming in to check on me during the first feedings to my newborn was very crucial, now that I recalled. Once I got the correct latch-on and the feedings going full steam, I find that getting virtual support from this forum, invaluable. After all, the book I read was written in a western context. I found precious information from the forum especially during hard times: engorgement and blocked ducts (and the fever that comes with it!).

I learnt:

* to rid blocked ducts

massage the area under warm running water ie. during shower
cold compress the affected area
continue to breastfeed child, best that the child's chin is directly above the area of pain

* if for some reason, mum has to consume antibiotics

consume probiotics to prevent thrush both on mummy and child

* to up supply

consuming fish especially salmon and pempek(!) works very well for me

Kaeden loves taking in his three square meals a day now, some fruits and yoghurt+honey and gradually taking a liking to UHT cow's milk interveningly.


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