Wednesday, April 22, 2009


On Monday, I tidied up my drawers of fabric, sewing notions and stationery. In the drawer which contained the notions, I found stray needles all over. I have never liked the round plastic case which the needles come in. It's always hard to keep needles back into the case and when you thought it's secure, it never is.

To keep those needles in a better place, I made them a needlebook using embroidered trims, joining them to form a fabric piece, unbleached cotton, some felt and suede thread for fastening. Made a similar extra as a gift.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

moving on

It's been a week that Kaeden is off breastmilk. He simply took a few sips, looked at the source, smiled and moved away on that fateful day. That was how it ended. my nursing journey.

I must say I feel a deep sense of satisfaction for being the source of my child's nutrition in his first year. It certainly is a memorable one. One I can reflect privately with happiness anytime of the day in the future.

Besides reading up before the childbirth, having the lactation consultant coming in to check on me during the first feedings to my newborn was very crucial, now that I recalled. Once I got the correct latch-on and the feedings going full steam, I find that getting virtual support from this forum, invaluable. After all, the book I read was written in a western context. I found precious information from the forum especially during hard times: engorgement and blocked ducts (and the fever that comes with it!).

I learnt:

* to rid blocked ducts

massage the area under warm running water ie. during shower
cold compress the affected area
continue to breastfeed child, best that the child's chin is directly above the area of pain

* if for some reason, mum has to consume antibiotics

consume probiotics to prevent thrush both on mummy and child

* to up supply

consuming fish especially salmon and pempek(!) works very well for me

Kaeden loves taking in his three square meals a day now, some fruits and yoghurt+honey and gradually taking a liking to UHT cow's milk interveningly.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

warm the new house :: Christie & Andre

This week's an eventful one. Starting on Sunday night when a fire broke out at Brian's workplace = father-in-law's office, anniversaries to mark, Gioia's birthday on the 13th and also on that day when Kaeden turned 13 months old, he decided to wean himself from breastmilk (I'll write further on that later.).

I tried to stay sane by doing shopping for myself. Hello new batik hippie tie-dyed home clothes and wallet.

and by doing some sewing.

A cushion, a BIG one for my longest known friend. Christie will be tying the knot in August and she'll be moving into her new place with husband, Andre after the wedding.

Whenever Christie looked at what I'd sewn, she'd always say they're a little too small for her. She likes big bags and cushions. k. got the hint. So I bought a new body pillow and sew a beepbot cover for it. A pillow for the newlyweds to snuggle comfortably on.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

to the keys

Made a keychain for myself. It's attached to the keys to our home in Singapore. I miss that place. a little.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

from paper to cloth

A few days ago, Brian dusted the thought of purchasing a print gocco in my mind. He'd done that a few times before but I wasn't ready then, with the new baby and all. Now that I am, I've taken the thought off the shelf and began doing some research on the topic all over again. Unfortunately, with the official closing shop of production of the kit (I'd lamented about it before) and escalating prices of available stock and supplies right now in the market, it's making the process of coming to a decision to plunge into the hobby of DIY printing or not very painful.

For now, I'll just make do with stitching my drawing on fabric.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

flu bug attack

The flu bug is making its round in this household. The first victim, Kaeden. It's the longest drawn illness on him, starting on Friday. We bought a spiderman balloon to cheer that bugger up. He's been drinking lesser breastmilk these days and the stuffy nose saw him taking in even much lesser. I felt the resistance to illness and breastmilk intake correlation very strongly now.

All soft toys, big and small got the wash and sun this morning and the rest of the toy cohort are receiving the dettol rub down.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

that patchwork blouse :: zip purses

From that recycled patchwork blouse again, I made 3 zip purses, soft due to the blouse's wear and wash. I'll be keeping them for future gifting. The missing "puzzle" part? It's the coaster.