Sunday, March 08, 2009

the bash in short

We held a celebration for Kaeden who is turning 1 (soon..) earlier. We had a lunch party. Here's a photo of his birthday cake which is supposedly to resemble monster keero.

Presents from friends and relatives. We'll only be opening the wrapped up gifts on the 13th!


  1. Hi Fiona, Brian and Little Kaeden,
    Happy Sweet One for the little one...

    Too bad, we did not manage to meet up while you were back in SG. Anyway, I visited Weili. She has gave birth to a lovely little lady, Claire.

    Do take care and see you all soon...

    Wan xia

  2. one?! you have got to be kidding! i can't believe he is one! congrats and happy b-day k!


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