Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 addictions

fat-connection invited me to share about my 5 addictions. I took a day to think. As a stay home mother, living in a town, someone who goes out only a few times a week and to the regular haunts of the usual malls and supermarkets, my 'wish to-do' and 'what i miss' are somewhat more interesting as compared to 'what i must have or do'. I also refrained from listing all on food.

Anyway, they are

1. water

I think I drink more than what's required of my body. every single day.

2. air-conditioning

In my opinion, the second best invention to the flushing system of the toilet bowl. Where we are staying, the windows are never opened. We do not want mosquitoes which are a common creatures outside to get into the house. So by clockwork, after lunch when the sun is the strongest, you'll find me in my only air-conditioned bedroom. I'll stay there with Kaeden until sunset.

which leads me to the next one..

3. TV

it's good and not good when the TV is in front of the bed. It's turned on when I'm trying to get Kaeden to nap (yes, he's trained to sleep even when the box is on.), when I'm nursing the kid and when I'm feeling bored (which is practically all the time.).

4. bread

I must have bread for breakfast at least twice a week. Roti Melati is my current favourite.

5. reading

from the back of food packaging, blogs, magazines to even if it's just a few sentences from a book a day.

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  1. Nice to read your 5 addictions. I think I should drink like you.

    I used to stay at home all day when Hanhan still little like Kaeden, as I find it troublesome to bring her around when I'm going out alone. But things get better when they get bigger, and it is a joy to bring her out for a walk or to a mall.


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