Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 addictions

fat-connection invited me to share about my 5 addictions. I took a day to think. As a stay home mother, living in a town, someone who goes out only a few times a week and to the regular haunts of the usual malls and supermarkets, my 'wish to-do' and 'what i miss' are somewhat more interesting as compared to 'what i must have or do'. I also refrained from listing all on food.

Anyway, they are

1. water

I think I drink more than what's required of my body. every single day.

2. air-conditioning

In my opinion, the second best invention to the flushing system of the toilet bowl. Where we are staying, the windows are never opened. We do not want mosquitoes which are a common creatures outside to get into the house. So by clockwork, after lunch when the sun is the strongest, you'll find me in my only air-conditioned bedroom. I'll stay there with Kaeden until sunset.

which leads me to the next one..

3. TV

it's good and not good when the TV is in front of the bed. It's turned on when I'm trying to get Kaeden to nap (yes, he's trained to sleep even when the box is on.), when I'm nursing the kid and when I'm feeling bored (which is practically all the time.).

4. bread

I must have bread for breakfast at least twice a week. Roti Melati is my current favourite.

5. reading

from the back of food packaging, blogs, magazines to even if it's just a few sentences from a book a day.

Friday, March 27, 2009

that patchwork blouse :: a coaster

Do you like having a glass of water by your side when you sleep? As a water guzzler, I have a water bottle instead and it will also follow me around the house in the day. I made a coaster for the mug which Brian usually leaves at the dresser. The patchwork is part of an old blouse which I'd bought because of its patchwork design on the front.

Monday, March 23, 2009

more pin space

I haven't sewn for some time. Lost the sewing mojo. The weather and getting into the routine of having daily things done were enough for me to deal with. Yesterday, I sorted some old clothes that I'd put away during pregnancy and figured I couldn't fit into them anymore. So some are given away, thrown and I kept 3 pieces for possible sewing projects.

There was one turquoise printed blouse which I cut up today and made two pin cushions. I had to replace the old one which was dusty and couldn't hold more of pins which I'd have liked.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

homemade yoghurt

I made yoghurt! with the help of my slow cooker and two bath towels. Here's how.

There's something about leaving food to cook overnight and finding healthy and yummy ready to eat stuff in your crockpot. In this case, it was thrilling for me to find yoghurt in the pot after I woke when the night before, it was just milk. Embrace fermentation!

I wasn't a big yoghurt fan as my first taste of it when I was a teenager, in a foreign land, had it for breakfast, had left me feeling queasy all day long. Until recently, I decided to give those fruit flavour yoghurt drink a try when in Singapore and I'm converted. It's so convenient to buy those cartons or bottled yoghurt there. Now that I'm here in Palembang, I've to make my own, which is satisfying in a way and I bet I get to save some money. Kaeden will be fed yoghurt so I'll be making yoghurt, a weekly affair.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

the bash in short

We held a celebration for Kaeden who is turning 1 (soon..) earlier. We had a lunch party. Here's a photo of his birthday cake which is supposedly to resemble monster keero.

Presents from friends and relatives. We'll only be opening the wrapped up gifts on the 13th!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

getting ready

Packed goodie bags with a packet of milk and a box of breakfast cereal each, for tomorrow. We'll be pumping up balloons tonight!

Friday, March 06, 2009

square pants

Don't mind me. this pair of pants cracks me up. the loosened elastic band which makes it into a square shape, the lint balls and the combination smell of 'hot tummy' oil and soap. I just want to immortalize Kaeden's pants here before it makes its way to the bin.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

just in case

I think I have bought just enough little tote bags from S'pore. as party favours for Kaeden's birthday bash in a few days. But just in case there are surprise small people guests whom I didn't take into account of, I made four drawstring bags (handkerchiefs+yellow linen+nylon rope+thread) which I'll be filling up with some stuff later.