Wednesday, February 18, 2009

no need for silence

Last afternoon, Amanda introduced me to the local library that carries books in English. It was a good rewarding trip as Kaeden and I hardly went anywhere without Brian in Palembang. While we were there, I was welcomed by the pleasant scent of old well-used books. Later I found out from the librarian that the books were donated and shipped over from the States.

There are mostly children's books and I found some craft books to flip through. As I settled down with Kaeden on a stool and wanted to take in the pictures from the books, a gentleman beside me realized I wasn't local and started to strike a conversation with me. So there I was trying to answer him in Indonesian language whenever I could while I think he was hoping for a conversation in English.

This morning, I had some time flipping through the craft book I borrowed and liking some of the simple but colourful sewing designs.


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