Sunday, January 04, 2009

Monster Keero

This is a bad spoof of the genuine character of Ugly doll- land. May the copyright gods forgive me. I'd wanted to make a bedtime monster to company Kaeden in his dreams and Ugly dolls crept up my mind when I was thinking of how I should go about creating one. I can't bear to spend money on two Ugly dolls which I've a crush on. Maybe next time. For now, a handmade one for my little son, recycled from Brian's old Hanes green t-shirt. cheapskate mum.

Monster Keero was made last evening. He's about 1 and a half foot big. As big as my drawing block allows when drawing up the pattern. Thrown into the wash this morning. It's wet weather though. I hope Keero will dry fast. I want to hug him. Kaeden too. I'll post a photo of them two together next time.

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