Thursday, January 15, 2009

ah ma

My maternal grandma passed away peacefully at the age of 82 on the evening of last Friday. After receiving the news from my mum, I arranged for Kaeden and myself to return to Singapore on the 11 Jan, Sunday. I wasn't feeling well on Saturday's night. Armed with less than 2 hrs' of sleep, I carried Kaeden up to the plane in the morning, combating the feelings of awfulness in me and gearing myself up for the days ahead.

The funeral was a quiet affair, held at the void deck of ah ma's flat. Everyone of my relatives helped out. It seemed doing something like folding the money paper or arranging the vegetarian food for ah ma's prayer table helped ease the pain in everyone a bit. Nobody really spoke. The small talk merely struck up when Kaeden was around. I was glad that Kaeden helped lift up the spirit a little. In this midst of sadness and loss, I'm glad there's still the warmth and support by my parents and immediate uncles, aunties and cousins' presence.


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