Sunday, January 25, 2009

a library member

The days while I'm here in Singapore with Kaeden, in my opinion, have been fulfilling to my best efforts. The best parts of our time were of those spent with family and so far, a close friend. I'm reserving time with friends when Brian joins us in 2 days.

It's the eve of the Lunar New Year today. So the two of us set out to my parents' place after lunch at home. We'll be having reunion dinner with Kaeden's maternal grandparents and uncle tonight. But before reaching their home, we stopped by the library. I wanted to borrow some books and at the same time see if I could register Kaeden as a library member.

I guess one of the reasons I love being a Sinagporean is the easy availability and convenient locations of libraries islandwide and the wide selection of old and new books. When I enquired what documents were required for registering Kaeden, I was assisted by a friendly staff. I could actually easily register Kaeden at a machine by keying his citizen identity number, name and my contact details and shortly after, a name printed plastic library card dropped at a slot. At that point, I really felt like a mountain turtle. I didn't know of such technology and convenience as for the longest time, I've been using my identity card to borrow books at the borrowing counters operated by again, machines.

I'll be appalled if one day, a freebie would be dispensed by machine after registering as a new reader. Luckily, I still get to enjoy the 'human touch' by having the friendly lady staff assist me in checking out 4 new library books which I picked out for Kaeden and later, handing me a handy bag to celebrate Kaeden's membership.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

ah ma

My maternal grandma passed away peacefully at the age of 82 on the evening of last Friday. After receiving the news from my mum, I arranged for Kaeden and myself to return to Singapore on the 11 Jan, Sunday. I wasn't feeling well on Saturday's night. Armed with less than 2 hrs' of sleep, I carried Kaeden up to the plane in the morning, combating the feelings of awfulness in me and gearing myself up for the days ahead.

The funeral was a quiet affair, held at the void deck of ah ma's flat. Everyone of my relatives helped out. It seemed doing something like folding the money paper or arranging the vegetarian food for ah ma's prayer table helped ease the pain in everyone a bit. Nobody really spoke. The small talk merely struck up when Kaeden was around. I was glad that Kaeden helped lift up the spirit a little. In this midst of sadness and loss, I'm glad there's still the warmth and support by my parents and immediate uncles, aunties and cousins' presence.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

registering Keero's birth

Kaeden has a shape sorter cube toy which I finally opened up for him today. I figured he has had enough of the other toys. From the packaging, I kept a square cardboard which I later used for Monster Keero's birth certificate.

Here is Kaeden, making sure of the certificate's authenticity.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Monster Keero

This is a bad spoof of the genuine character of Ugly doll- land. May the copyright gods forgive me. I'd wanted to make a bedtime monster to company Kaeden in his dreams and Ugly dolls crept up my mind when I was thinking of how I should go about creating one. I can't bear to spend money on two Ugly dolls which I've a crush on. Maybe next time. For now, a handmade one for my little son, recycled from Brian's old Hanes green t-shirt. cheapskate mum.

Monster Keero was made last evening. He's about 1 and a half foot big. As big as my drawing block allows when drawing up the pattern. Thrown into the wash this morning. It's wet weather though. I hope Keero will dry fast. I want to hug him. Kaeden too. I'll post a photo of them two together next time.