Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kaeden's Birth Story

12 Mar 08, Wednesday


Mummy Fiona had her prenatal check-up appointment with her ob-gyn, Dr Paul Tseng. She found out I was still in breech position and was slightly annoyed that I was not listening well to her "prep-talking" to me of turning round. She was hoping for a natural birth. I was still at week 35 of gestation so Dr said he would help turn me around when at week 37 if I still hadn't turn by then.


After sleeping for a while, mummy went to the loo to empty her bladder and found a slight staining. She gave daddy Brian who was in Palembang, Indonesia at this time a phone call just to inform him ("Nothing to worry about." she said. But was that really so?) about it and went back to sleep.

Second time she went to the loo at around 10+pm, she heard a 'POP' sound and she went "oh no...". Was that the mucous plug coming off? She thought so and went back to her room to fetch her spectacles cos she's myopic and needed to confirm though vision.

By the time she got back to the toilet, the show had started. There was staining and her waters started flowing non-stop. Grandma and uncle who were in the kitchen got up to help mummy.

Mummy gave a call to daddy. She was shivering from nerves I could tell. Uncle gave the hospital a call and got Dr Tseng to call back. She was told to get to the hospital.

She got into a cab with uncle and grandma and on that journey to Thomson Medical Centre, she was silently hoping that the cab driver could step on the accelerator a bit more. By then, mummy had calmed down a lot and was trying out the breathing technique that she had learnt from the Hypnobirthing course. Halfway there, mummy wondered if surges which started then were really that as she could never tell how contractions felt like, not even Braxton Hicks. By the time (around 11+pm) she reached the hospital, she was sure the bad sensations she felt there were really surges which began to grow intensely each time one took place.

Mummy walked to the labour ward with a nurse's help and got changed and examined. She was already fully dilated and my foot was at the birth canal, the nurse said. She gave Dr who was making his way for my delivery a call to inform him that. Mummy had to go through caesarian. She opted for general anesthesia then since daddy wasn't around. She had wanted an epidural for such a situation so that daddy could be present and she could hold me soon after I'm delivered. But it wasn't to be so.

13 Mar 08, Thursday

At 0120 hr, I greet the world with my first apgar test at the score of 9.

When mummy awoke at around 2+am, her first question was about my well being. After being wheeled into the ward room 408, she kept asking to see me whenever a nurse came in to check on her. She didn't have a restful sleep as her mind and thoughts were all on me while I was in the nursery keeping warm.

At around 9+am, mummy finally saw and held me for the first time. She began to breastfeed me to get my feedings started. She was annoyed that I was given infant formula for my first feed but she knew it couldn't be helped.

At around 4+pm, daddy arrived from a flight back. Lucky there was a flight back to Singapore.

We're finally together! Mummy and daddy were truly overjoyed.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

quick homely lunch

Steamed cod fish was a dish I was looking forward to eat when in Palembang. So I've had the above combo of that steam fish and a bowl of plain porridge for a few times already and I had it again for lunch today. It's a really comforting meal for me especially when the weather is wet and cool just like today and they are also simple to prepare. The porridge brings warmth to my stomach and I simply love the taste of light soy sauced cod fish.

My version of a person's portion of steam cod fish with porridge:

cod fish - 1 steak
fresh julienned ginger - about 1 tablespoon
rice - about half cup

Marinade for fish:
light soy sauce - 1 to 2 tablespoon
sesame oil - 1/2 tablespoon

Start cooking rice in a pot of water and stir boiling porridge occasionally until ready.
Boil water in a steamer. Arrange above ingredients of fish and ginger on a plate. Pour marinade on fish and leave for a few minutes. When water in steamer starts boiling, put in the plate of fish and cook it for 10 minutes.
A simple yet nutritious meal is ready!