Friday, December 19, 2008

two button holes

I seem to almost always see the need to make a sort of a covering for a new gadget that I have. So today I managed to get a pouch done for my camera. Foreseeing that the camera will see its time in my big diaper bag for outings, I'd better let it have a bag before it gets "thrown" into my humongous one.

It took me awhile to chain stitch after pencil outlining the sketch of the Nikon D60 on canvas. Stealing every opportunity to get to the needle and thread whenever I was able to. After which, I sew the canvas with wide green check cotton and attached two black buttons for fastening. Oh, I used the button hole function of my sewing machine after such a long time of not using it. I thought it'd be a boo-boo but it turned out alright, still it could be better. So much for button holes...

Here's how the pouch looks like with the camera in..


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