Sunday, December 21, 2008

thinking of family

It's no secret owls are one of my favourite animals. The other day when I was surfing through some craft blogs that I like to read, I saw this post and felt geared to make something similar. So from there, I drew out a pattern for my owl and instead of twigs, I used a pencil. and you know how it is when you need to have it sharpened, you just can't find that sharpener? So the idea of having a sharpener attached grew when I was shopping for those triangular pencils.

These four owl pencil+sharpener holders will be going to Kaeden's cousins who are all of schooling age. It's the festive season and that makes me fall into the giving mood. It's also a time when I think of my family back in Singapore more. This morning I received an sms from my mum. a little chinese winter solstice poem. I haven't really read it as I was rushing off to a baby event that we participated Kaeden in. I should get to reading the poem after this. I'm reminded that there will be a gathering at my maternal grandma's place, my mum told me in a phone call earlier. My two grandmothers haven't been doing really well and there are more phone calls to home these days.

If you're celebrating, take more tang yuans. Those sesame filling ones are yummy.
Happy winter solstice!

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