Tuesday, December 30, 2008

hainan chicken rice pursuit

I recalled a Hainan chicken rice stall in Chinatown, Palembang when I was exploring the area, sometime way before Kaeden is born. In the day, Chinatown here is really a busy area with old shophouses, retailers of a variety of goods and necessities like school uniforms, electrical and plastic products and large vehicles on the roads loading off goods into the shops. This morning, we took a ride to Chinatown or Sayangan, or so it's called here in Palembang, in search for the coffeeshop where the chicken rice stall is.

We have a passion for this chicken rice dish, especially since my paternal grandparents are from Hainan island and my grandma can whip up a mean steam chicken rice and her chilli dip condiment is, what can I say.. power?

We bought one packet of roasted chicken with rice from the elderly seller. It's a little different from what we're used to at home, still this beats not having it at all.


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