Tuesday, December 23, 2008

another porridge

My days are pretty much the same. Mostly spent indoors, looking after the wee one. I really need to look into my lack of social scene and that also makes me worry about Kaeden's socialization skills too. that is if he's developing it. He smiles readily at almost everyone but that happens also when he's clinging onto me. He's now at the stage of experiencing stranger anxiety, not willing for anyone else except me or his dad to carry him outside the safe haven of home.

Of course, another recipe to note down again. I'm no cook. I just like to keep a favourite food of my loved one noted here so I can refer in the future. This dish is brown rice porridge with salmon, green peas and wolfberries. I'll like to feed Kaeden threadfin and cod. However I don't see them for sale here in supermarkets. They will have to wait until we're in Singapore. Kaeden is also not too fond of minced pork so most days when porridge is cooked, it'll usually be with whitebait or salmon and vegetables. Now that he has four pearlies, I don't really bother with mashing up his food too much too.

K's fave brown rice porridge
(2 baby portions)

2 tbspn brown rice
+/- 400gm water
+/- 30gm skinless salmon fillet
2 tbspn frozen green peas
a few dried wolfberries
2 tspn light soy sauce

Soak clean brown rice into a pot of water for 2 hours. After which, boil the rice + water combo in the pot then simmer for 15 min. Meanwhile, marinate salmon with light soy sauce.
Add the fish into the cooking porridge and simmer for 10 min.
Add the peas and dried wolfberries and simmer for another 15 min.
Stir the contents and mash them until the desired texture.
(May add a little bit of hot water if porridge is a little dry at this stage if neccessary.)

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  1. Hi fiona, brown rice are harder to digest for tiny stomachs so do make sure they are really soft ya? Not sure how you do but I usually add pearl rice into brown rice to make the texture smoother. If you see brown rice husks in Kayden's poo, its an indication that the brown rice not digested preperly.


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