Thursday, November 20, 2008

mark the day

It used to be only the two of us and on this day for the past few years, it would be an excuse for nice dinners and gift exchanging. To Brian, it bothers him that he has to remember the dates for registering of our marriage and the actual wedding day. Anniversaries might be overrated. As for me, they remind me of the feelings I've had on the actual days, the sounds I'd heard and the sights I could recall. Anniversaries mark how far we have come along.

"Happy wedding day anniversary, darling."

"Thank you for the sweet surprise of lilies."


  1. allow me to add on to your cheer "happy wedding anniversary" *_*

  2. oh very sweet, I agree, it's good to remember how far you have come as a couple. beautiful flowers, and I love your little illustration!


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