Thursday, October 02, 2008

owl purses + balls

Over the week I'd been desperately trying to upload my photos up on the internet. But the connection was and still is terribly weak. It got to the stage where I could not even e-mail. It's really maddening when the price we pay simply did not match the quality of service, not only in this matter. Frustration led to complains to beguiling acceptance.

Now, I'm in Brian's office, using its network on a public holiday.

The past days, I'd sewn these owl purses.

They will be going to a shop in Dayton, Ohio.

After the owl purse project, I made two fabric balls for Kaeden.

The pattern, kindly provided by Melissa.


  1. wow...u hav magic hands. & biz growing to usa...congrats!

  2. honey I hear you on the bad internet connection, how frustrating, though I am sure yours is far more bothersome, good luck and I hope it returns to you soon.

    but great owls, don't hey just look fantastic all next to each other?!?

    K is looking gorgeous, I am sure he is going to get good use out of those fabric balls.

  3. oh- everything looks wonderful! big kaeden is growing so quickly- i love the balls you made. and those owls-- so colourful and happy! x


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