Friday, October 31, 2008

for his DS lite

Brian has been asking for a pouch for his handheld game console. So I made one today for his Nintendo DS Lite which is something he likes to challenge himself to after a hardworking daytime.

I chained stitched the console's logo on plain canvas and sew it together with black corduroy and recycled green cotton and added a vintage button and lace for fastening. It was a quick to make project while little Kaeden was napping on a rainy afternoon.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

a loose smock

In the mood for making a blouse, I dig out a craft book of mine,

flipped through its pages and decided to make a smock. I wanted to make this a long time ago, well, that was before I was pregnant. The smock is made of yellow linen and stripey light beige cotton. Before starting out, I took "estimated" measurements of myself and as I was making the top, I was hoping it won't turn out too small. Who knew, the end result was it is a tad too big for me around the armholes. Perhaps, its size would have been better for my pregnant days..

Thursday, October 02, 2008

owl purses + balls

Over the week I'd been desperately trying to upload my photos up on the internet. But the connection was and still is terribly weak. It got to the stage where I could not even e-mail. It's really maddening when the price we pay simply did not match the quality of service, not only in this matter. Frustration led to complains to beguiling acceptance.

Now, I'm in Brian's office, using its network on a public holiday.

The past days, I'd sewn these owl purses.

They will be going to a shop in Dayton, Ohio.

After the owl purse project, I made two fabric balls for Kaeden.

The pattern, kindly provided by Melissa.