Friday, September 05, 2008

unpredictable regular

Lately, my days have been irregular in a regular way.

There would be the unpredictable moments such as Kaeden being exceptionally teary, napless days and leaving the laundry out when there'd be sudden downpours. These moments often led to early nights as I would be so physically drained. The biggest challenge for us (especially Brian) at the moment is to manage the household chores on top of everything else since the previous domestic helper left us for health problems a month ago. It's the first time I feel this rented home of ours is big and that walking the extra steps to the bin feels like a dread.

There would be unpredictable moments such as Kaeden smiling his first real smile into the camera, days with peaceful naps in the noon and rain on hot days. Then I would tell myself that my tired muscles are worth it and even though I'd to wake up in the early mornings, I'm slowly claiming my 8 hours back.


On a different note now...

Maad (6-7 Sept 'o8)

The craft scene which I'm putting behind me temporary. A friend, Fred will be helping me set up a stall this weekend with my handmade stuff which I'd done previously.


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