Saturday, September 06, 2008

something postnatal

After reading a favourite blog-friend's post , I got to know about this site, Polyvore. So here's a collage of what I would love to don and collect. Message T's, smock tops, flower hair pins of various materials, vintage brooches.. and I decided I should make an effort to put on skirts more often. I can't wait to celebrate the day I get my pre-pregnancy figure back.


  1. oh, i love your choice of clothes! what a great post-natal look.
    sigh, if only our new-clothes dreams could come true..!?

    take care, fiona xx

  2. new clothes are fun, I love both the skirts you chose, and also the t shirt.

    the smock top is great but with these country shoulders, I would look life a sail boat coming into harbor. :)

    I hope you get that t-shirt, its so fabulous!


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