Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I've been back at Palembang, Indonesia for more than 2 weeks actually. The trip back together with Brian and baby Kaeden was smooth, well, the issue laid in the settling down. When we thought everything was going on okay for a week, our previous domestic helper resigned and really, we were kept very very busy from then on. Brian had to keep up with the household chores and looking after our dogs besides his day job and dear Kaeden kept me tied to his side mostly.

When we have a new helper a few days ago and access to internet at home, do I manage to sit down at the new cushions to indulge in checking my emails and finally, blogging. Kaeden is also starting to establish his nap time predictably so I find myself relishing the joy of having some free me-time space.

I turn 28 today. Just a year ago, life was completely different! This birthday marks a new chapter of new experiences and I'm looking forward to enjoy and remember as best as I can, every single one of them.


  1. life does change with a wee one, those alone time hours are precious. and so are the together times.

    happty birthday
    I think 28 is the ideal age for a baby!

  2. happy belated birthday, fiona! i'm sorry i have been so bad with my commenting and emailing lately. i hope you and kaeden are doing well. and that you can continue to have some me-time! it's ever so important.


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