Thursday, May 08, 2008

that corner

Whenever I look into craft blogs and the authors would share some corners of their homes, I found myself enjoying reading those posts and learning how others lead their lives.

It's time I post a picture of a corner of the bedroom where I visit the most for this period. On top of Kaeden's cupboard holding his clothes and daily necessities are some of what I've to use and see everyday. Especially the feeding schedule which I would record the timing of Kaeden's feedings. The white plastic bags are holding what I dread. Medication for kaeden's cold which he caught two weeks ago and multivitamins and iron syrup which I obtained today during the visit to his paediatrician for his immunization.

Brian will be coming to Singapore and back to us again today. I couldn't imagine almost a month had passed with his absence, I had faced the most trying period of difficult days (and nights!) but also experienced the sweetest moments of bonding strongly with my young son. Now that I've recovered almost fully and regaining most of my strength back, I'm looking forward to even more of what we could do together as a family.


  1. I miss reading your blog, how are you dear fiona!! I am heading to India at the end of June so hope I will be able to keep posting. How is your beautiful baby bundle?

  2. guess what? ryan has the same cupboard from ikea as

    me n ryan has alot more bonding to do coz spyder will not be back in sg until next year....sigh.

    hope kaeden gets well soon.

    take care!

  3. Mei-zi, sad to know that you, Kaeden and Brian had to be apart, Brian must have suffered much being apart too. But it's good to know that you 3 are reunited again! Your blog is a good thing, at least we get to share part of your lives from over here through it. I guess it will be some time before we'll be able to meet the son of our dear friends...


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