Tuesday, April 15, 2008

one month celebration

Kaeden is one month + 2 days old today. To find words to describe that first month of his life outside of my womb and on this world is really beyond me.

We had a small celebration of his full month on Sunday at our home. Ordered a buffet lunch and had cupcakes to give away to thank our loving friends and dear relatives who came.

Those cute and sweet cupcakes were ordered from cupcake momma. I like her little boy faced cupcakes and had it specially ordered for that day.

It was a tiring day for Brian and me, and boy, was I glad it was over by evening and I was hoping for days of normal routine (if there is one) to start all over again.

Kaeden was really fortunate to be receiving lots of well wishes, gifts and red packets though. In the mail yesterday, a pair of shoes arrived for him, adding another wonderful item to his received gift list. We love it, especially that it's brown and owl themed.

Thank you, Melissa!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

confinement month

In the 3rd week of my confinement period, I'm feeling much better as compared to the earlier weeks. My strength is gaining day by day and the bandage to the caesarian wound was removed yesterday.

As for being a mother, I'm learning what the term 'motherhood' means on a daily basis. At the moment, my life seems to only revolve around this little fellow..

(photo taken on 1 Apr)

and I've a strong feeling it will have to be that way for the rest of my life.

A parcel from New Zealand arrived in the afternoon today, its handmade contents mostly for dear Kaeden.

From Kate,

a big bib for to prevent future laundry headache and a nice zip purse for me.

From Lies and Kimberlee,

a cool looking hat for the little boy. Very suitable for the unpredictable weather I've been tolerating these days.

and a sweet bunny friend to share his cot space with.

Thank you so much, ladies!