Friday, February 29, 2008

short trip out

After nursing the flu for two days, I got to get out of home today to meet up a friend near my parents' home where I'm staying currently. I'm still recovering from the flu bug, sniffing along occasionally and adamant on not eating the antibiotics the family physician prescribed.

The library gave me an e-mail notice and I managed to pick up the book I'd reserved, at the mall where I met this friend. I'm glad the library is so conveniently located near me.

I hope to learn as much as I can from this (very much statistical, I find) book which was recommended reading at the hypnobirthing course I'd completed.

It was a pleasant day meeting up Beehui for lunch and a hot drink with a cake at coffee bean. It was mostly me chatting non-stop about my pregnancy, come to think about it. Hope she wasn't bored with all the "information".

Being the generous friend she is, besides a come-in-handy towel set, spirit lifting reading materials and a cute set of vintage paper doll+dress, I'm once again showered with lots of wonderful craft goodness materials. A strawberry shortcake theme fabric and lots of vintage lace, trims and ribbons.


  1. Hello, how are things, me kimberlee and lies are trying to get hold o fyou we have a package to post. Kate,,

  2. I loved coffee bean in Shanghai. My husband took me there after school and we'd have a hot chocalate and my favourite carrot cake. I love strawberry shortcake, she is soooo cute!!! Everything was called strawberry shortcake after I rediscovered her in china - after completely forgetting about her from my childhood in Australia, PS My mother in law is sending me another lesportsac bag from China soon. I am looking very forward to this. pinkflowerbuttons

  3. PS Arent those ribbons just gorgous??

  4. Fiona do you mind me including your blog on my blog? Meagan pinkflowerbuttons?

  5. hey fiona,

    I image you growing round and beautiful just like the woman on the cover of your book. you must soon post a picture of your pregnant self.

    lovely ribbons too!

    hey can we have your address in s'pore? we'd really love to send you a little package.



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