Wednesday, February 06, 2008


A hand-me-down wooden pull toy for my baby .

It's Chinese new year's eve today. We'll be having a family gathering and of course, a reunion dinner at my maternal grandmother's place later in the evening.

Wishing everyone a happy lunar new year of the RAT!


  1. Welcome back, it is great to have you back! Happy Chinese New Year. I will remember 07 Chinese New Year for ever. My husband and I went to M on the Bund, and ordered the most aussie meal we could find. Happy Chinese New Year.

  2. too cute. Kate -

  3. happy new year!

    I didn't knwo you were still blogging, I will check in more often")

    hope you had a great night with family


  4. Hi Fiona, do you mind if I include your blog on mine? Hope all is going super well with your pregnancy. Cheers pinkflowerbuttons


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