Saturday, February 02, 2008

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I've my laptop back in working condition today. Hooray! Decided against sending it to Jakarta and when we returned to Singapore a few days back, Brian helped bring it to the Mac Centre here for repair and I'm glad the gadget is still under warranty.

To celebrate my laptop's return, I decided to do a short blog post. Here's a picture of what arrived at the door in the afternoon.

Diapers. Along with its inserts and a box of nappy liners. It seems the shopping we do these days is very baby oriented. I had in mind not to use disposable diapers on the baby especially during daytime and when we're home. So we had these washable types ordered at the shop a few days ago.


Completely out of point,
two friends of mine has a blog set up. Here it is: riandaquelle
Residing in Bali, they decide to contribute back to the lovely place by helping to set up a library.


  1. Hi Fiona, CONGRATS to you that you are gonna be a mummy soon! CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS! Weiqin, Penny, Stella and I are all over the moon for the news:) We can't wait to meet up with ya while you are in S'pore. How about CNY 10th Feb? Lemme know ya. Gimme a ring!


  2. By the way, just a note about BUMWEAR which you bought and planned to use on your newborn. We were advised by the original Singapore importer Rita (She uses BUMWEAR on her kids) that it is best to use on baby who weighs 5KG and more. True enough we bought one and tried it on my boy Lele when he was 1 month plus. It was too baggy. Visit my not-so-updated BLOG :) Shujun

  3. Your baby is gonna look VERY cool parading around in her/his pram..

  4. fun stuff. I like that you are using cloth nappies and not just disposable ones. good on you!



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