Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A dad's way

I'm just into the eighth month of pregnancy now and since planning to birth in Singapore, that means Brian has to leave my side for work in Palembang which would be very soon. I won't be seeing him for probably a month until he returns again sometime before the due date.

We have the habit of reading to our unborn baby and fearing that baby wouldn't be able to hear his voice during his absence, Brian decides to record his story telling voice for me to play...

and ensures that there's a speaker gadget for my ipod, just so the mother and child can really hear the father-voiced stories in the bedroom together.


  1. that is so sweet!
    oh, you wil miss b while he is away. i hope you're all doing well- not long now! :)

  2. yes I too am sorry he has to be away during this special time, but how sweet indeed that you have these recordings. what a great man!


  3. omg! so totful n sweet of brian to do tat. your case is pretty much like mine. spyder's working in macau n only came bac b4 i popped.

  4. That is REALLY sweet and adorable.. pinkflowerbuttons


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