Friday, February 29, 2008

short trip out

After nursing the flu for two days, I got to get out of home today to meet up a friend near my parents' home where I'm staying currently. I'm still recovering from the flu bug, sniffing along occasionally and adamant on not eating the antibiotics the family physician prescribed.

The library gave me an e-mail notice and I managed to pick up the book I'd reserved, at the mall where I met this friend. I'm glad the library is so conveniently located near me.

I hope to learn as much as I can from this (very much statistical, I find) book which was recommended reading at the hypnobirthing course I'd completed.

It was a pleasant day meeting up Beehui for lunch and a hot drink with a cake at coffee bean. It was mostly me chatting non-stop about my pregnancy, come to think about it. Hope she wasn't bored with all the "information".

Being the generous friend she is, besides a come-in-handy towel set, spirit lifting reading materials and a cute set of vintage paper doll+dress, I'm once again showered with lots of wonderful craft goodness materials. A strawberry shortcake theme fabric and lots of vintage lace, trims and ribbons.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A dad's way

I'm just into the eighth month of pregnancy now and since planning to birth in Singapore, that means Brian has to leave my side for work in Palembang which would be very soon. I won't be seeing him for probably a month until he returns again sometime before the due date.

We have the habit of reading to our unborn baby and fearing that baby wouldn't be able to hear his voice during his absence, Brian decides to record his story telling voice for me to play...

and ensures that there's a speaker gadget for my ipod, just so the mother and child can really hear the father-voiced stories in the bedroom together.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


A hand-me-down wooden pull toy for my baby .

It's Chinese new year's eve today. We'll be having a family gathering and of course, a reunion dinner at my maternal grandmother's place later in the evening.

Wishing everyone a happy lunar new year of the RAT!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

laptop :: diapers :: blog

I've my laptop back in working condition today. Hooray! Decided against sending it to Jakarta and when we returned to Singapore a few days back, Brian helped bring it to the Mac Centre here for repair and I'm glad the gadget is still under warranty.

To celebrate my laptop's return, I decided to do a short blog post. Here's a picture of what arrived at the door in the afternoon.

Diapers. Along with its inserts and a box of nappy liners. It seems the shopping we do these days is very baby oriented. I had in mind not to use disposable diapers on the baby especially during daytime and when we're home. So we had these washable types ordered at the shop a few days ago.


Completely out of point,
two friends of mine has a blog set up. Here it is: riandaquelle
Residing in Bali, they decide to contribute back to the lovely place by helping to set up a library.