Saturday, January 26, 2008

going away

I'll be leaving Palembang for Singapore with Brian tomorrow and I will be staying there until our baby is delivered and when he's a few months old and that means I'll be away from Indonesia for a few good months. I've started packing things to bring back a few days ago and today the first thing I looked into is my jar of vintage buttons. For this pregnancy halted my crafting, I hope to start again soon when I'm able to, after baby is born.

I selected a few buttons from that jar and some from another to bring back with me, hoping to use them for bags which I'll like to make once I'm able to craft again. I've some ideas and a really strong yearning of making some simple bags as gifts for friends. I'm sure I'm able to get hold of nice vintage buttons back in Singapore but I foresee I wouldn't be able to go anywhere much with a young baby and staying home long hours, squeezing in some sewing hours besides juggling and learning new mother skills sounds like a nice idea to me, for now.

Keeping me back emotionally are of course, my dogs which I won't be able to see, cuddle and talk to for the next months. Makes me feel so sad. Brian gave me the honour of endowing them their nyla-bone chews which I did just now. Mickey as usual took it in like there's not another minute to waste and Gioia brought the bone to her rat toy and settled on it for a more comfortable spot as she rest her front legs on the toy while keeping the bone 'in hand' when chewing.

Mambo..... surprised me by (1) not giving the bone a lick but (2) burying it under the starfruit tree.

Check out his mud stained muzzle.
Miss them already.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Baby Blankets

Baby Blankets : One of the first items the 'nesting instinct' in me got me hoarding starting weeks ago. At only around Rp 9000 each, they are not the most comfortable flannel types as it's rather rough on the under side. But the gardening bear prints are the most adorable, from what I've seen around.

Friday, January 04, 2008


wild mushrooms, originally uploaded by table calender.

Some wild mushrooms sprouted on the flower patch planted in the ledge. I've a feeling they're not stomach friendly so I'll have to remove them before Mambo, our JRT gets to them, if he's that silly.. (Mickey helps himself to the papayas which fell off the tree whenever over-riped in the backyard.)

2008. We welcomed the year without much a bang. Neighbours were shooting off DIY fireworks into the sky at midnight, new year's eve so we had some fun watching them while having a BBQ session at our auntie's place just across the road. My year ended grouchy on the last day though because my MacBook spewed fumes at me after refusing to start and I'd to connect to the electricity thinking the battery died (How could that be?) ! I pride myself at being able to keep belongings functioning to its longest life so that was a blow. Fortunately (?), the gadget is still under warranty and now I'm in a fix, considering where I should send it for repair. Jakarta - courier safety uncertainty. Singapore - I'll have to wait 4 or more weeks till I'm back there.

Complains aside, I'm lucky I have my old pal eMac computer with me for the time being. Brian kindly brought it back to me from the office, knowing I'll be bored to death without access to the internet in some parts of my days.

I wouldn't want to start a resolution this year knowing it'll be a completely different one from the past and I expect so much to come at me. As for the last's, I'm still working on it. Not very fluent yet but I'm able to catch questions thrown at me in Indonesia language without throwing puzzled looks back now.

I'm looking forward to my new addition in life while relishing the joys of him growing and moving inside me for the next few months. I hope, to anyone who is reading this, your year is full of happiness and good health with a sprinkling of pleasant surprises.