Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No, it wasn't the earthquake.

Our fence and wall got bashed without us knowing. We were only told of it when our helper came to the house this morning after noticing the damage first. It either happened when we were out last night or when we were asleep. The dogs barked rather loudly in the night once but we thought it would be the usual, the neighbourhood cats treading in our grounds.

It's obvious though. The culprit is a driver in a mobile, reversing from the entrance of that neighbour. There wasn't a note. No one came to apologize.

I really hope the deal for a rental place we've been eyeing for months, pulls through tomorrow.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Intense food craving(s):

Chai Tow Kway

Frustration: Where or how to get the radish flour cakes? I want to be in Singapore now just so I can easily pop over to any hawker food centre.

So I thought a lo-bak-go dish can help after reading the tempting food blog entry and afterwards finding a recipe. I was so excited about how mine would turn out today when setting about in the kitchen. Some nervous streaks were in the spine when the cake didn't set when steaming and when it did after I allowed it to cool, "Why no one is around to advise on its utter bitterness when the cake was finally brought to the mouth?"!

I. am. so. devastated. I want to eat them. so. bad.

To bring those mouth salivating food off my mind temporary, I'll talk about the two parcels in the mail for Brian and me this week.

Our friends sent us the movie I wanted to watch before they left for Indonesia. 'Dage' and S. Cheng are currently in Bali pursuing a year of arts in a school there. They're living in Ubud, our favourite place! I hope we'll get to watch the animation tomorrow and besides Singapore, I want to be in Ubud.

From New Zealand, a dear blog-friend Melissa sent me the tree bag I must have. She also generously gave us two sweet sweet items which I'm longing to show but will do so, on a later date. I promise.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Now I do have something to say. What an experience!

Brian and I were grocery shopping in a major supermarket in a shopping mall when the quake occurred at Bengkulu last evening and we (no, Brian) felt the tremors.

he, squatted on the floor to pick up a tin on the lowest shelf: "Did you feel that?"
me, bending over to pick another tin: "Feel what?"

Subsequently I saw the flags on the shelves continuously flapped and I thought it was because of me picking up the tin! How blissfully (?) unaware can I get?

The tremors were felt by people around and I realized today even as far as Singapore. The supermarket was crowded as many local muslims were doing their last bit of shopping for Ramadan which starts today. Being relatively new in Palembang, it was when we were there then I found out there's such a trend for this form of shopping frenzy. The exiting of the supermarket and mall was a nightmare as parts of the entrance which in last evening's case, mainly exit were sealed or locked up, causing a heavy bottleneck of human traffic.

I was clinging on to Brian's back, arms around his waist as people shoved and pushed from behind. I was so worried and thoroughly disgusted by the locked and sealed doors!

We were unhurt and went home to check on the dogs. Everyone is okay in the family. Thank you for asking, dear friends and it means huge to me. My heart is all warmed up.

My thoughts also went out to those who have truly experienced the quake and its aftermath. It may sound crappy but it's through this experience (which resulted in a restless night's sleep) that made me further appreciate the safety of homeland Singapore and ponder into our future (yet again).

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stare up

I'm getting sick of my blog being left alone for so long, I'm determined that I do up a post today despite yet again, the reality of me having nothing much to say. Doing up a photo mosaic is something I've wanted to learn and so I got to it after feeling inspired by what I've seen in various blogs and in flickr. I managed one today and found out that it wasn't that tricky after all with the help of the website, BigHugeLabs :: Mosaic Maker which is flickr friendly too.

The above mosaic shows the old lamps and highly intricate ceiling of where I'm staying now. They remind me of the 'Crop Circle - Is it real?' program I watched on National Geographic last afternoon.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

change of scenery

I was complaining the other day how bored I was and the lack of scenery there is to see in this town. So Brian suggested going to the most decent pond around, one he got acquainted after meeting up some local people who drive Volkswagon vehicles as they were having a gathering over there yesterday. My first question to that suggestion was, "Any mosquitoes?".

So the walk this morning at the pond was bite-free and a good short change of scenery for me.

Something I put together. The box came free with a japanese craft magazine and I decided it to be a 'Red' theme box and had some relevant contents put inside to be stored away. A small pouch I did soon after I got my sewing machine. It was more a trial and error thing as you can see the different stitching I tried on the fabric which later I made into a small pouch. A useless tiny scissors and a measuring tape unused. A vintage flower embroidery left behind in this house by Brian's mother.