Tuesday, December 25, 2007


There weren't much significant activities happening except maybe for the past two days, we had some new plants for the front porch.

Two pots of the above.

My bonsai. It's a Fujian or Fukien Tea specie. I'm drawn to its overall shape and it has small white flowers.

I also planted some of these little flowering plants on the two long window ledge at the front. Hope there'll be more of them as months pass.


  1. Hi Fiona its megan again who bought your TERRIFIC owl purse. Well I am back on blog track and have seen your extensive array of posts which is awesome Welcome back. As soon as I have a camera I plan to have my blog up and running to do lots of showing off of my favourite fabrics.
    Your green plants look beatiful and bright and the top one I like especially. I love your pretty flowers, they are so pretty and well displayed. I have two pots of plants myself one with white little flowers and one with blue, but with our New YEars day of 40 degrees celcius and us on a weeks holiday the heat fried them and they are currently being resurrected in buckets of water. Heres to 2008, may it be one of much happiness and delight..

  2. these are beautiful, fiona! happy litlte plants.


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