Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Now that I know what they're for..

I started out already knowing how I want my pregnancy and birthing to be. The definitive is, if so can happen, the delivery to be a natural and drug free one. I can say I psyche my mind almost everyday with this message. I'm looking at attending a HypnoBirthing course next year, hopefully to further equip myself with 100% (possible? hmm..) determination and the ability to cope with whatever I might face during labour (gosh.. the pain!) and delivery.

The other aspect I'm readying myself for motherhood is, breastfeeding. Halfway through reading the book above, my mental commitment to do so wavered. Breastfeeding is a commitment, just like most things in life but I never realise it'll be a HUGE one. A newborn breastfeeds about 12 times every 24 hours. Each feeding session can take up to an hour and that means I'll be a 24hr breastaurant.

I was a infant formula fed baby and when I asked why wasn't I given the au naturale way, my mum as a matter of fact simply put it, "Don't know how to. Nobody teach." Well, that's my mum. Before knowing much on this topic, I thought feeding a baby the motherly way is an instinct. Later I learn, it is, but just like a baby learning to walk, it takes practice. Plus some know how, plus lots of support. Plus having to endure the pain.. once again for the first few (or many) feedings if the latch-on = baby's mouth to nipple is incorrect.

Receiving support is important and I know, considering my mum doesn't "know how", I'll have to look for them myself. The husband is fully supportive for one. Whew! (Brian, don't give up before I do, k? Remind me of this post if I whine/complain/get mad.) Here's a mothers' internet forum where I know I'll gain many advice and tips on this topic: Moms 4 Moms Singapore

Here are some pros of breastfeeding or otherwise, cons of formula feeding, to convince myself that I'm making the right decision:

1) close physical bonding only mothers can have with their babies
2) The all important colostrum in the first few days after birth.
3) Formula feed = lower IQ by 5 to 10 points (Crap! I could've been a doctor!)
4) Formula fed babies see the doctors almost twice as often as breastfed babies do.
5) Breastfed babies have better eyesight. (I hate to be myopic.)
6) Breastfed babies have straighter teeth and fewer cavities. (I want straight teeth....)

I'm not giving the infant formula the complete no-no into the household as I'm just not sure how long I'm able to provide (mental + physical commitment-wise) for the child his milk naturally and eventually start weaning the baby. Giving myself a timeline is impractical at the moment. 6 months minimum? Giving the best to my child within my means is what I want to do.

Oh... speaking of reading up, I'm onto my next book now.. to take my mind off motherhood issues (for a while). A bookgift from my mum. No, I'm never mad at her for not breastfeeding me when I was a baby.


  1. wow there is a lot to consider and I am confident you will find your way. I think that you are being intentional and prepared, so that's really good. :)

    glad you have brian to look after you too! will you have the birth in s'pore?

  2. that is so funny a "breastaraunt". You are quite articulate. Thats great you are doing research for your child and I guess it is a huge commitment, but it pays off in the end hey?
    megan is also wildwoodflower.

  3. Oh and by the way - I love your bird and tree apron. I would love a skirt made in that, those colors dark blue red and green just as you have them but a long summer skirt like a wrap around - I would buy it...your a terrific artist

  4. Oh and by the way again, support is imperitive, especially when mums dont know what we want them to know sometimes. PS my identity changes all the time, im whatever I want to be all the time.

  5. fiona- this is such a sweet post about your intentions for motherhood. you will be such a wonderful mum, i know it. and i think it's great that you're reading up as much as you can, but still having a realistic view about the whole thing. all the best for a natural birth and breastfeeding- i know you can do it! xx


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