Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In (photo) Transition

I've been back to Palembang for a week and I should have blogged many days back but I didn't. I'm sorry. I feel I'm not doing good at this journaling thing anymore. My excuse? I'm out of internet connection which left me pretty much technologically crippled. I'm not able to do much on my laptop without the internet, I realize. How pathetic!

Alas, today... I have the internet back.

I was looking through the photos which I've taken on my camera while in Singapore. Some lovely shots of my best friends and also these..

which were taken on a shopping trip at Haji Lane,

where we were pleased to find more shops carrying Independent labels as compared to the previous time we were there months ago. I like taking pictures of old buildings and wish I could capture every old world charm I find in them.

Here's a photo of a pair of lovebirds outside one of the shops along the same lane. The partner spent a good time trying to convince me that they are NOT the Olie and Snuggles I used to know.

Now, back to Palembang. Have I not shown you our new old ride? My bad. Here they are, after I sneaked out of home this afternoon with my camera.

It arrived from Jakarta by road on Brian's birthday, a little more than a month ago. I can't climb up onto our ambulance now and this will be the family car.

My favourite part of the vehicle? It has to be the steering wheel.

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  1. Your car IS Fantastic!! How cool can that get? Looove the pink dashboard and the wheel. Man you are cool.


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