Monday, November 26, 2007

time against emotions

Buttons - gift from Yvonne, my sis-in-law when she visited in the afternoon today.

I wanted to make it point to blog almost every other day after my previous one. But it seems these days, thinking is much much easier than carrying the action out.

The next day after our anniversary I had to make an urgent trip back to Indonesia, in which case, the nearest island, Batam for there were visa issues we had to settle. We only had a few hours to pack before we managed to catch the second last ferry. It wasn't an easy trip there. I was in tears, before leaving home and on the ferry. Well, the stay there wasn't at all terrifying though and I think, we had some peace.

We came back on the Friday night and the weekend was spent running errands, attending a wedding dinner and spending as much time as we could with my family. I still feel guilty that I haven't been spending enough time with my parents and brother.

Today, I had tagged and packed most of my handmade stuff with immense help from Brian (yet again). It seems my dependency level has gone up way high and I'm not liking it one bit. I've been planning to set up shop in Etsy and had got a friend to assist in posting so I'll be bringing my things for sale to him tomorrow.

Despite my tiredness, I managed to play a little on my piano just now. It's been a long long time. There are so much I want to do and achieve within this trip, I keep feeling time has the upper hand. I refrain from tiring myself too much and try to keep calm most times. Maybe it's the hormones. When I feel fear, I actually become very afraid. When there's sadness, I cry (almost short of bawling). When there's joy, I smile not knowing consciously my face is doing the muscle work until someone points it out.


  1. I love your thoughts, express away... I love your honesty to admit tears came about.

  2. and how good are buttons???


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