Friday, November 02, 2007


I haven't been using my camera as much as I'll like to. As I search very hard for an photo opportunity just now, I tried to find words for today's blog post content. Out came Shokupanman, my little wooden japanese bread-(headed) superhero from the fabric drawer, making an appearance on my laptop.


Brian and I went to see the gynae last evening for my latest check-up. On almost every other day before, I did a prep talk to my baby:

"Open your legs wide, k? When mummy and daddy go see you through ultra sound at the clinic, I want to know if you're a boy or a girl."

The mum to be requested again just before she came down the vehicle and walked into the clinic on that day.

I tried not to laugh when I saw baby being soooo cooperative. It was obvious. The doctor said it's 90% accurate. We're having a boy.

Now, I've heard of cases when babies thought (and seen) to be boys came into the world as girls.

At home,

Mum to be: Was it a finger?

Father to be: I saw the testicles first.

Mum to be: Oh... (laugh!)


I wanted to show the picture of the latest printout of the ultra sound but decided against as it wasn't a clear one, really. We had some hiccuped style guilty laughs and apologized to our baby because, guess what, we've already decided on a girl's name and had used it on several occasions already. Baby decided it's high time we stop.

Time to think differently. No Hello Kitty or Sylvannian Families. Bring on the thoughts of Transformers, Shinkansen, bicycles, skate skooters, roller-blades, remote control helicopters and planes.. (The last items contributed by Brian.)

Click Here, if you're a Optimus Prime fan.


  1. what a fabulous post, and such a fun peak into your new family.

    congrats on a the gender revelation. It's a boy!


  2. hi remember me? From maad Jo (baileysvodka) :)

    how cooL!! I'm expecting a boy too! :) Due early feb. take care!!

  3. ohhhhhh. exciting baby news.
    I adore Mr toast man, i wish I had had a toy like him when I was wee.


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