Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It's our wedding anniversary today so we had a whole day date. The most fun part had to be when we were at the Botanic Gardens and of course the walk in the National Orchid Garden inside. That place brought back sweet memories of our wedding dinner held 3 years back.

There were a few photos taken and I was slightly stunned by my current figure when I viewed them in my camera. Well, in a good 'stunned' manner. Not that I haven't been keeping track of my continuous weight gain. Anyway, I was so filled up with lots of good food, the highlight being lunch at the Halia Restaurant. A place we've always wanted to try and well, it's worth the wait I guess.

On the way out of the park, Brian spotted this tiny four leafed (or is it two?) being..

among a pile of dead leaves under a tree. There was a shower of rain while we were having lunch. It was a really pleasant find and I took that as a good sign. I hope someone who passes the same way after us, notices it too.

We did some shopping in town later in the day and the buy for myself is a pair of shoes for my doll.


  1. gee! how time flies.. i still remember attending your wedding dinner that nite :) happy anniversary *_*

  2. Gorgous photo love wet leaves and grass. Beautiful blessing to have on such a special day. Very small groovy sparkly shoes. Glad your posting again. Glad you felt stunning today. Happy Anniversary.


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