Wednesday, October 17, 2007

new nest

Finally, we have a place to call our own in Palembang at least for the next two years. We moved into the new estate a few days ago.

There were a lot of work done on the house during the past two weeks as the previous tenants in my most honest opinion were very irresponsible with the premise. Brian had to get handymen to repair some parts of the gaping ceiling for one.

Now, the place is rather comfortable with some minor areas to be fixed and we're done.

(Wall feature)

("cave" Store room)

We're all happy with the new home and I hope the dogs will be too in a while. Here's Mambo having some leash off time at the back of the house this afternoon.

My sweetheart who has been giving me lots of heartache + some headache lately. Brian and I have come to the conclusion that Mambo will not be able to live with our other two schnauzers for the rest of his life. He has been living separately from Mickey under the same roof for more than a year. We thought we could encourage them living harmoniously in the new place but apparently not. There were numerous bloody fights. No one is happy. We had to make that tough but necessary decision of re-homing him. Tough love. Tears were and more will be shed.

On a completely different note, I'm early in my second trimester of pregnancy now. I hope this explains my very sporadically blog posts and my lack of crafting. Due to old wives' tales, particularly my mum's, I'm off sewing. It was wrenchingly hard for me not to craft (Don't get me wrong. I'm no mummy's girl. It's just... fear? Maternal protective instincts kicking in?) and I looked back at those days when I really did nothing. Though the thought that I'm actually making someone comforts and reverse the previous feeling. Brian and I are extremely thrilled and we've basically been living in joy amidst others.


  1. what a lovely post, f!
    of course, congratulations again on your Very Exciting News- i love thinking about you and brian living in joy amongst everyone else- that's so sweet. i hope the second trimester is a good and comfortable one for you (i secretly think it's the best) and hooray for your new home! it looks wonderful, especially the cave storeroom- wow....

    perhaps i should just email you- this is getting very long. ;)

  2. Like Melissa, I'll email you but I wanted to say congratulations to you and Brian!

  3. hey honey!

    I AM SO EXCITED to hear your good news about pregnancy. I am glad that you took a break if that is what you think you needed, of course we don't think you are a mama's girl. I am so glad it is good news and not bad news that was keeping you away:)

    but I am so so so sorry to hear about the very hard decision you had to make regarding mambo. You are doing what's best but I am sure this was such an impossible choice.

    Loving thoughts and prayers to you!


  4. Hey what a gorgous looking home. Love the feature wall and cave storeroom. Compounds can be tricky to enjoy...flowertreehouse


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