Saturday, September 22, 2007


Intense food craving(s):

Chai Tow Kway

Frustration: Where or how to get the radish flour cakes? I want to be in Singapore now just so I can easily pop over to any hawker food centre.

So I thought a lo-bak-go dish can help after reading the tempting food blog entry and afterwards finding a recipe. I was so excited about how mine would turn out today when setting about in the kitchen. Some nervous streaks were in the spine when the cake didn't set when steaming and when it did after I allowed it to cool, "Why no one is around to advise on its utter bitterness when the cake was finally brought to the mouth?"!

I. am. so. devastated. I want to eat them. so. bad.

To bring those mouth salivating food off my mind temporary, I'll talk about the two parcels in the mail for Brian and me this week.

Our friends sent us the movie I wanted to watch before they left for Indonesia. 'Dage' and S. Cheng are currently in Bali pursuing a year of arts in a school there. They're living in Ubud, our favourite place! I hope we'll get to watch the animation tomorrow and besides Singapore, I want to be in Ubud.

From New Zealand, a dear blog-friend Melissa sent me the tree bag I must have. She also generously gave us two sweet sweet items which I'm longing to show but will do so, on a later date. I promise.


  1. so glad you like the bag. but, that really sucks about the cooking! i hope you can find a way to have those radish flour cakes. if we had some here, i would send some over!

  2. oh how fun to get packages in the mail. love the bag.

    we haven't forgotten about pay it forward! don;t worry, we made some planes this week.


  3. Cool tree bag, love wearing nature. Hard to get food cravings when they are not around. flowertreehouse


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