Thursday, September 13, 2007


Now I do have something to say. What an experience!

Brian and I were grocery shopping in a major supermarket in a shopping mall when the quake occurred at Bengkulu last evening and we (no, Brian) felt the tremors.

he, squatted on the floor to pick up a tin on the lowest shelf: "Did you feel that?"
me, bending over to pick another tin: "Feel what?"

Subsequently I saw the flags on the shelves continuously flapped and I thought it was because of me picking up the tin! How blissfully (?) unaware can I get?

The tremors were felt by people around and I realized today even as far as Singapore. The supermarket was crowded as many local muslims were doing their last bit of shopping for Ramadan which starts today. Being relatively new in Palembang, it was when we were there then I found out there's such a trend for this form of shopping frenzy. The exiting of the supermarket and mall was a nightmare as parts of the entrance which in last evening's case, mainly exit were sealed or locked up, causing a heavy bottleneck of human traffic.

I was clinging on to Brian's back, arms around his waist as people shoved and pushed from behind. I was so worried and thoroughly disgusted by the locked and sealed doors!

We were unhurt and went home to check on the dogs. Everyone is okay in the family. Thank you for asking, dear friends and it means huge to me. My heart is all warmed up.

My thoughts also went out to those who have truly experienced the quake and its aftermath. It may sound crappy but it's through this experience (which resulted in a restless night's sleep) that made me further appreciate the safety of homeland Singapore and ponder into our future (yet again).


  1. oh, the relief! i'm so glad you're okay and unharmed by th earthquake. my heart goes out to those who were.

    thanks too for the map showing us where it happened, and where you are. it must have been a pretty strong quake though!

  2. oh sweet heart! I am so glad to hear you are okay. Your post really touched me, I can imagine how such a scary experience would be unsettling and make you miss home even more.

    my thoughts are with you still.



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