Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stare up

I'm getting sick of my blog being left alone for so long, I'm determined that I do up a post today despite yet again, the reality of me having nothing much to say. Doing up a photo mosaic is something I've wanted to learn and so I got to it after feeling inspired by what I've seen in various blogs and in flickr. I managed one today and found out that it wasn't that tricky after all with the help of the website, BigHugeLabs :: Mosaic Maker which is flickr friendly too.

The above mosaic shows the old lamps and highly intricate ceiling of where I'm staying now. They remind me of the 'Crop Circle - Is it real?' program I watched on National Geographic last afternoon.


  1. fiona, thanks again for the purse, check out, what is your address

  2. these photo's are beautiful!

    I heard about another tsunami in your area and am very concerned. I will email you as well, are you okay?


  3. beautiful light fittings! it's nice to have something to look up to- heh.

    hey- i've been listening to news reports about the tsunami + earthquake and am very worried about you! hope you're okay...


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