Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No, it wasn't the earthquake.

Our fence and wall got bashed without us knowing. We were only told of it when our helper came to the house this morning after noticing the damage first. It either happened when we were out last night or when we were asleep. The dogs barked rather loudly in the night once but we thought it would be the usual, the neighbourhood cats treading in our grounds.

It's obvious though. The culprit is a driver in a mobile, reversing from the entrance of that neighbour. There wasn't a note. No one came to apologize.

I really hope the deal for a rental place we've been eyeing for months, pulls through tomorrow.


  1. oh how upsetting. I get really cross when people don't take responsibility like that!

    your fence is great and very unique... or at least it would be around here. such a cheery yellow. I hope you are able to get it repaired.


  2. oh no! that sucks.

    my fingers are crossed for your new place! x

  3. That totally sucks. It can make one feel quite threatened. flowertreehouse


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