Tuesday, August 07, 2007

within the fence

Besides rose bushes, there are jasmine plants around the compound of my in-law's place. They must have been planted many years back as the height of these plants are about a small tree's. The plants are thriving as I can't seem to remember when there's not a single jasmine flower. Jasmines are lovely to look at and I notice the scent is especially strong in the early mornings.

As much as I appreciate most types of flowers, I'm especially fond of wild ones, like the above I saw this morning! It thrills me to find them in ugly places. Once I focus on these tiny wild flowers, everything around them seem to disappear from the view. I find them to be exemplary in strength and beauty in this imperfect world.

I managed to tie up the ends of two late birthday parcels which will be hand delivered to each recipient and which explains why there are fake stamps on the envelopes instead. I saw the idea in my latest craft magazine but I'm not too sure if the "stamps" are made of paper or not. I used scrap fabrics, cut the edges and drew on the "stamps". Besides showcasing my childish drawing, I can't think of a better reason why the "stamps" were there, except.. it gives the recipients a reason to keep the envelopes I guess!

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  1. The stamps are such a cute idea! I was thinking of making some postcards for thank you cards because that's the only cardstock I have, but I could also make envelopes and add stamps like yours. Is it ok if I steal this idea?


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